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by Imre van Opstal, Student, Rotterdam Dance Academy, Codarts, Netherlands

A Day in the Life at the Rotterdam Dance AcademyI love to go to the Academy. Of course not always, but most of the time. The people in school are fun and it’s good to be around them. I like to come home totally exhausted and the feeling that you did something.

The only problem for me at the end of my day is the theoretical part. I don’t like theory so much and after I finished my high school, I don’t know how to do homework anymore.

Anyways the courses I have, I really like. Ballet is important to me, but modern dance is what I love the most. Also, improvisation is something what I always do, even if it is just 10 minutes in the hallway. With Pilates at 9:00, I often fall asleep and with Modern-Jazz you have to move like crazy, which feels great.

A day at Rotterdam Dance Academy is:

Go to the Academy
09:00-10:30 Cardio
10:45-12:15 Modern

12:15-13:00 Lunch
13:00-14:30 Ballet
14:45-16:15 Improvisation

Other days also include Pilates/ Drama/ Modern-Jazz

16:30-21:00 rehearsal time (this is different for everybody, it depends what and how many pieces you are in)

My schedule was often till 20:00 or 21:00 for instance:

16:30-18:00 rehearsing school pieces
18:30-20:00 rehearsing pieces from the choreography department
20:00-21:00 own work

going home
seeing friends/ internet/ television

About the Netherlands:

It’s a really rich, small and modern country. The Netherlands is known for its windmills, tulips, clogs, cheese and bicycles. As you know drugs are legal here, which is also one of the reasons for tourists to come to Holland.

Amsterdam is the capital, with the famous red light district. There are a lot of nice clubs, events and places to hang out with friends. The Netherlands is great with a lot of freedom! Except the weather…


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by Imre van Opstal, Student, Rotterdam Dance Academy, Codarts, Netherlands

Imre van Opstal, Student, Rotterdam Dance AcademyHello,

My name is Imre. I’m from Holland and I’m now in my second year at the Rotterdam Dance Academy in the Netherlands. I was 7 when I started to dance, and since then, I never stopped. I guess dancing is addictive.

Actually, I started dancing after I saw my big sister dancing. I went to see her classes and wanted to join them.

I live in Rotterdam with my brother and sister in a small house; they are also dancers. My sister works at  ‘Dansgroep Amsterdam’. My brother goes to school in The Hague at the Royal Conservatory (next season to Netherlands Dance Theatre) and next year my little sister is also coming to the Rotterdam Dance Academy. So I come from a dancing family.

Greetings from Holland!

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