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by Sara Coffield, Student, Canada’s National Ballet School

NBS summer exchange - Australian Ballet SchoolI always look forward to summertime; the warm weather always feels so good. Although this past summer, I headed south to Melbourne and spent my July in “winter” (the Australian winter is very mild compared to Canada’s). I attended the Australian Ballet School for a summer exchange.

While I do enjoy the NBS summer school program, Australia was such a good experience. It’s always nice to have a change of teachers to get a different perspective of things. Melbourne was a beautiful city. It had amazing modern buildings that were mixed in with more historical buildings and small alleyways with great boutiques. It also had a café culture similar to Europe, which we unfortunately don’t have in Canada.

I did manage to get a bit of warm weather visiting some relatives in the USA and at home in Calgary. It was really nice to be able to spend August with my younger sister and catching up with friends. It was really exciting to return back to school though for my graduating year and to celebrate the school’s 50th anniversary. We are currently rehearsing Swan Lake to perform at the Assemblée Internationale 2009. The rehearsals are demanding but the music is so beautiful that it is still enjoyable. We performed this in our Spring Showcase last year so most people are familiar with the steps that we are now just refining. We are all looking forward performing it in November!


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